Why I Wrote Back To School With Mac

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About 2 and a half years ago I wrote a book for our daughter to help her prepare for her new school year (she was transitioning from ½ day kindergarten to full day 1st grade).  She’s the type that tends to get a little anxious and fixated on the “what if’s” of the new teacher, new classroom and new classmates.  This book, along with its little stuffed apple companion, helped my daughter to focus less on her jitters and instead focused more on having fun with Mac (her apple).  Since this “tradition” helped my daughter, I thought it may help other kids out there.

So I decided to self-publish the book and worked with a toy designer & manufacturer to develop the plush toy. Even though my daughter thought my stick figure drawings were AMAZING, I knew I had to partner up with a professional illustrator for this self-published book. I researched illustrator portfolios on SCWBI and found Alvina Kwong.

After hearing about my project, I was lucky enough that she agreed to work with me. From there, we worked together to make “Back To School With Mac” the sweet, playful, colorful book that it is today. I launched the book and toy set at the Norwell Summer Fest on June 17th. We received a great response!

An original stick figure drawing from the book I made for my daughter.

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