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This set includes a beautifully illustrated 8.5” x 8.5” hardcover picture book and an adorable plush apple toy (approximately 3.25” x 4”).




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12 reviews for Back To School With Mac

  1. Marie Fricker

    Back to School with Mac is a happy and comforting book for all young children, but particularly those who are a little nervous about entering preschool, kindergarten or any new grade at school. The poetic writing by Kim DiLoreto is fast-paced and fun, and it is enhanced by the vibrant illustrations of Alvina Kwong. Mac – the toy character that comes with the book, will work his magic in your home in the last weeks of summer and become a back-to-school tradition for your family for years to come.

  2. Jason Mahaffey

    My kids are still a little young for this book, but I intend to take Mac with me on my travels to get some pictures in interesting locations to enhance the magic. My 2year old enjoyed the story and I think Mac could be a good friend to make school enjoyable.

  3. Cynthia

    My youngest of three girls just finished Kindergarten and missed being home most days. Right before school ended for the summer she got Mac!!! So far Mac has spent his time on our summer adventures and she can hardly wait for the first day of first grade to get here so she can tell him all about it!
    Thanks for the excitement Mac! This Mom is feeling great about our next school year!

  4. Carlie

    What an exciting book to have in our home as we begin to think upon the return to school. Thank you for the creative gift of Mac.

  5. Caroline Barry

    Mac was a huge success in our house!! I anticipated my 4 year old would enjoy it the most, and was pleasantly surprised when my 8 year old showed the most enthusiasm!! Finding something that all 3 children (ages 4,6,8) can enjoy together is not easy, so when Back to School with Mac elicited such a reaction, I deem it a great success! A MUST HAVE for families with young children, helping ease their anxieties when you’re not there!

  6. Missy Williams

    Mac was a big hit with my 5 and 8 year old boys. My 5 year old will be entering kindergarten in the Fall and while he is excited, he’s also a little nervous, he loves reading about Mac and likes to hold his Mac stuffy while we read. Must have for school aged kids!

  7. Amy Card

    As a third grade teacher, I see lots of kids who worry about the unknown. Transitioning from grade to grade means BIG CHANGE and change is hard for kids and teachers. I was excited to receive Kim’s book in June just as our 3rd grade year was ending. I read the book to my class and used it to open the discussion about saying good-bye to each other. They loved the book, especially the kids, dog, and Mac! Many opened up about their fears for the coming school year and were comforted to know that their feelings were shared by others. I plan to share the book with my new batch of third graders on the first day of school!!!

  8. Monica

    As a second grade teacher, I am always looking for new resources to use at the beginning of every school year. Back to School with Mac is truly engaging to all elementary students. They all loved the book and in turn felt comfortable talking about their concerns about the upcoming school year. We laughed out loud as we read the book. Such a relatable character which allowed us to get the conversation going. Set us up for a perfect start to the school year. I highly recommend Back to School with Mac for elementary and pre-school students (and parents too).

  9. Michelle decSousa Moore

    We received Back to School with Mac as a gift for my daughter Isabella from some good friends (the Parkes). She started 1st grade in September. We were excited to begin this tradition with our girls. Isabella would like to get it for my other daughter Brighton who will be in Kindergarten next year. We had some amazing adventures and antics with Mac in the few weeks leading up to the first day of school! Mac’s notes of encouragement for Isabella were the perfect thing for support and a boost of confidence, something she is working on! Isabella loved the idea of making a scrapbook with “First Day of School” pictures. I would love to do that through college graduation!! Thanks again for the amazing gift! I have a feeling Mac is going to make a quick appearance during Thanksgiving break to show his thanks to Isabella for all the fantastic work she has done in 1st grade thus far! ❤️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  10. Jen Beaulieu

    Back to school with Mac has become a fantastic tradition in our house. We use it to get excited about back to school, but also have fun with it all year round. It’s helped my daughters talk about the things they might be anxious about in the fun, exciting way.

  11. Tara

    My daughter absolutely loves Mac. He really has become one of her treasured friends. We do take him everywhere with us and we have a Lotta laughs talking about what an encouragement he is and how he makes everything just a little bit more fun. We have imagined together all the places that the other Mac’s have been and wonder if Mac has already seen every country in the world?

    This unique story has really made going back to school a brighter and more exciting time for our family. I absolutely loved that the author wrote this specifically for her own daughter to overcome a challenge that she was having. It makes buying the book and following her example that much more meaningful.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone whether they’re struggling with returning to school or not it’s just plain fun to have a little friend to take along with you on all your experiences.

  12. Cathrine kiernan

    Back To School with Mac has been such a fun new tradition for my children. My youngest son who just started first grade was a little nervous about going back to school after summer vacation this past September. Remembering how much fun we had with Mac when he had started kindergarten the previous year, I made sure that Mac returned a week before 1st grade began and did funny little antics every morning and my son had a blast with it!
    The story about Mac is really great and Mac is adorable and a lot of fun for preschoolers and elementary children!

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