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Back To School With Mac® is a tradition that helps kids (preschool – early elementary aged) get ready for the first day of school.  It’s especially helpful for kids that have school jitters/anxiety.

The book explains Mac’s purpose, and how he plans to help children prepare for their first day.  Mac plays with kids during the day and at night his “magic” comes alive.  He can leave school supply gifts in backpacks, play silly tricks, or leave encouraging notes.  It’s a great strategy to help kids prepare for school.  It shifts their focus from the ‘worries’ to the silly antics of their little apple friend.

For those just starting their tradition with Mac, we thought it would be helpful to give you an idea of what Mac has been up to with some of his other families.  Below are some daytime adventures and nighttime antics.  Have fun!





  •      Trips to the library

  •      Trips to the grocery store

  •      Beach outings

  •      Fun at the playground

  •      Snuggling while reading a book

  •      Playing in the backyard

  •      Trips to the local farm

  •      Trips to the zoo

  •      Visits with family or friends

  •      Dentist visit

  •      Doctor visit

  •      Visit to the school playground

  •      Trip to your favorite ice cream shop

  •      Picnics

  •      Carousel rides

We’ve been told children have woken up to Mac…

  •      Leaving an encouraging note about the new grade the child is about to start

  •      Finding him playing a board game in the morning with another plush friend

  •      Finding Mac playing “teacher” to a group of plush friends

  •      Leaving fun school supplies in child’s backpack

  •      Leaving a favorite treat or candy

  •      Sitting at the breakfast table in a bowl full of DRY cereal

  •      Decorating the kitchen in a fun celebratory way on the 1st day of school


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